We are moving towards creating  abundant, earth regenerating, ecosystem-restoring ecovillages.

Caring for elders and children, teaching people to regenerate landscapes, communities and cultures at scale, water landscaping, restoring natural forests, biodiversity and ecosystem restoration and herb and tree planting, are key focus points.

We are composting the apocalypse into abundant ancestral spiral time ecovillage networks combining the skills and resources of farmers, entrepreneurs, technologists, gardeners and permaculturalists.

We are taking back our hopes of the messianic future to come, dismantling them and refashioning them into a kind of floor or ground under us. We are making them into a kind of sky above us. We are making them into a kind of home.

 We are reabsorbing the energies of the apocalypse, reabsorbing the rogue energies of industrial and personal growth culture, composting and dismantling the energies of industrial and personal growth culture into the ancestral ancient present and transforming them into a home for diverse earth beings.

Our vision is flexible, open, inclusive and open to change, synergy and collaboration. We are co-creating housing co-operatives, ecovillages and ecovillage networks where methods of food production, high yield organic food, clean water, renewable energy, beneficial high technologies, wildcrafting, organizational change, local, national and global economy and currency redesign, mythos, mutualistic ways of doing business, forest gardening, boat building, development of new systems of governance, ceremony, conflict resolution, connection with the earth’s sentient intelligence, eco-building, gardening and all the other things that we need to shift to an ancient future presence on earth can happen in fruitful abundant places.

These communities will be places where we can live with abundance, well being and joy of life as well as being a place where we can seed the mutation of our culture. We are remembering magnificent traditions of myth, ecobuilding, council, gardening, story, dance, song, and ceremony.

In such communities folk will live community-sufficiently but also go forth into the world and engage in regenerative business, artistic creation, organizational change, the creation of deep democratically-chosen technologies and the generation of a regenerative human presence on earth with humans and spirits dancing in sweet sacred magic.

At this time of troubles we are bridging worlds between promadic travellers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs, local farmers and traditional folk, ecovillages dwellers, earth based permaculturalists and the sentient intelligence of the land itself.

We are communicating with the wisdom and knowledge of the dryads and nymphs of the land, weaving them in with the passions of local farmers and gardeners.

The effective teams we are forming consist of organic gardeners, earth regenerators, local farmers, local grassroots groups, local and international businesses, technological innovators, promadic entrepreneurs, artificial intelligences, local government, refugees, earth based gods, goddesses, dryads, water nymphs, boat builders, witches, eco-designers, rocks, stones, animals, whales and the sea and sky itself

All of these are stakeholders in some way, in the multi-stakeholder group that is the ancient future ecovillage network.

The sequestering of carbon by reforestation is something really large corporations and wealthy individuals are willing to fund these days. We are collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies to fund ecovillage networks linked by travelling caravans with folks moving between them who are sequestering carbon through reforestation.

It is greatly beneficial for land based communities and eco-villages to be linked together via a network of overland and water-borne travelling caravans which connect communities together. This allows folk to live deeply rooted on the land and also at the same time go on pilgrimages and journeys between one community and another.

Both connecting deeply with one particular piece of land and travelling and searching out new lands may be mythic psycho-biological patterns that are rooted in humanity’s original ecological niche as roving hunter-gatherers.

To live on an eco-community and also to be able to journey by travelling caravan from one community to another would be a way to fulfil these two fundamental human needs; the need to live in a way that is deeply connected with the land, and the need to search out new lands and bring back some elixir or wisdom to rejuvenate and regenerate the life of the tribe or community.

Eco-village dwellers and rewilding projects will be funded by a ecosystem restoration fund, a ecovillage development fund, by promadic entrepreneurs doing business as unusual who may live in the eco-village part-time and buy into the network, and by companies who wish to fund ecovillages and support carbon sequestration through tree planting, soil restoration and water course restoration.

The land for ecovillage creation will be held in common as a co-operative and folks will have an equity certificate held against the part of the land they live on. In this system, instead of paying rent folks pay towards the value of this equity certificate, unlike in the rent system the community member gets the place they are “renting” in the end. This could be combined with a co-operative land bank which could re-invest value created by regenerative projects back in land and community.

The multiple crises of civilization, soil erosion, soul erosion, economic and political crises, human wealth  inequality and the devastating loss of biodiversity in ecosystems can be reversed by tree planting, swale digging, the regenerative power of livestock transferring minerals around different elevations on land, sociocracy and deep democratic methods of decentralised governance, new/ancient local, regional and global regenerative wealth-redistributing economies, co-operative businesses, goat and chicken tractors, ecovillages networks, hypervolume biochar in non-linear space and sea weed mulching.

Yes: tree planting, swale digging, keylining and collaborating with microorganism can retain water in soil, slow the passage of water through landscapes restoring aquifers and bring springs back to life.

When we have an abundance of water and the rewilding of biodiversity, accompanied by promadic entrepreneurs funding the moving of land into the commons for re-wilding, ecovillage creation and regeneration, then we begin to take steps to the bridge to the ancient future.

How can we compost the apocalypse and fertilise an abundant ecovillage network from the apocalypse’s rotting down body?

Part of it is disaster management created through leadership of local people and transforming refugee camps, and ruined cities into abundant ecovillages guided by the leadership of displaced people’s themselves. Part of it is transforming business and entrepreneurship upside down into something that generates vast wealth for community, gifts back to the land and regenerates the land.

Part of it is making biochar for your garden. Part of it is learning about micro-organisms and giving them a home.  Part of it is picking strawberries and caring for children and elders. Part of it is entering corporate boardrooms and speaking with the voice of billion year old gods and thousand year old olive trees.

Join us as we compost the apocalypse and cross the narrow bridge from our present chaosmos into the ancient future

Join us as we become bridge builders to an ancient abundant earth based future