Ecovillage living can be the solution to multiple crises of deforestation, climate change, housing, economic crises and even the vast crises of human displacement currently occurring.

As well as regenerating landscapes and providing enjoyable hardship and luxurious simplicity, and affordable co-operative housing, we will explore how ecovillages can provide support in crises and collaborate with displaced people to transform refugee camps into ecovillages and centers of empowerment.

 It is likely in the future there will be millions of climate refugees, with the possibility of the populations of entire countries being displaced.

 It is clear that discussing prototyping and iterating radical innovative solutions that not only think outside the box, but ignore the existence of a box entirely are necessary.

With climate change predicated to produce up to a billion climate refugees by 2050, a sixth of the whole of humanity, according to the United Nations International Organization for Migration, it is clear can we need to do the seemingly impossible and transform refugee camps into regenerative abundant inspirational ecovillages.