I work with magical entrepreneurs, scientists, world icons, grassroots leaders and local bioregional visionary leaders effecting civilizational level change of all kinds.

Perhaps you’ve been highly successful in your project or business, but now you wish to move even closer to the core of your being, to your deepest secret desire, to do that unusual thing you really long for

All payments for coaching packages go towards the creation of abundant earth regenerating ecovillages.

This work is about physically embodying, becoming and wearing the god-face of more than human beings whose power can remake civilizations, and redirect the wyrd threads of fate in our lives in our favour and in the earth’s favour.

What would it be to allow yourself to wake up completely in the lucid dream of reality, powerfully contributing towards ecological and community restoration?

Finally completely at home with community and with rhizomatic multiplicity of ancient ancestors and fetch beings?

What would it be to move towards the greatest impact with the least amount of effort,   contributing towards civilizational change, with effortless financial expansion, and wealth poured into community for the good of all?

At this time when civilizations are born and dying, as Peter Kingsley suggests, civilizations are consciously brought down, and also recreated and raised up, by deities, animal people and plant people, and also by humans, in a state of ecstasy.

The source myth of people, cultures, businesses and civilizations, contains solutions to its deepest problems and a skeleton key to its most magnificent manifest dreams

By reaching to the ancestral roots of culture, the dragons and original darkness out of which it was born, we can act and speak the imaginal future of our dying and rebirthing cultures into being, and shape them in new directions.

To become and embody the terrifying and wondrous deities that lie behind all one’s deepest dreams for personal and cultural fruitfulness and abundance.

To harness the compassionate and beautiful, horrifying, aggressive and awe-inspiring forces behind our existence, the forces that dream our existence into being, is to step into immense power, not just spiritually, but in your everyday reality.

On a personal level this might mean going beyond safety zone into dangerous life satisfaction and abundance, becoming with a variety of mythbeings such as Hekate, Helios, Krates, Aphrodite, Abrasax, Sarapis, Anubis, Ra, Isis, Brigit, Cernunnos, and many others.

More power and more effortless entrepreneurial effectiveness might happen when you get yourself out the way and allow the power of a bear, Dionysus, the lion of the sun, a wrathful three-headed witch, a serpentine chthonic God-beast, a sumptuous bull deity, or a horned polyamorous octosexual faery queen to move through you.

For some folks to be fully satisfied, to drink deep of their power, to be fully sated with their weirdest, most beautiful and uncanny desires in life and business would be to unleash the magnificent powers of their lineage’s ancestral gods.

For better and for worse, culture has always been redreamt by philosopher-magicians, from the village witch or shaman, to magicians like John Dee, Pythagoras, Abaris or Diotima, who advise and give wise counsel to business, artistic and political leaders.

Like Pythagoras, who trained in magic with the Chaldeans, descended into Zagreus’s cave in Crete with Epimenides to engage in dream incubation and was recognised as a manifestation of Hyperborean Apollo by Abaris, we can combine traditional magic and science

We can avoid the Scylla of 5D new age subjectivism and the Charybdis of colonialist/Cartesian objectivism: we can experience an intersubjective, interobjective animistic universe and bridge the world’s of science and magic. We can bridge the worlds of business and magic, and by doing so repair culture at its root.

This is coaching for those who wish to innovate pro-capitalist 2.0 regenerative abundant donut economies, entwining cutting edge entrepreneurship, and the occult in sublime Enochian angelic ritual and bestial wealth goddess Sabbat ritual.

This is an opportunity to become both the facilitator of earth-reality, and the executive apocalypse-composter; the one who acts in the world, and powerfully sows seeds for future generations

To move towards, not away, from the terrifying realities of our era, and to persist in moving towards joy.

This is a work for those who are ready to bring the earth and sky together, and to bring wealth and earth regeneration together.

This is an offering for those Robin Hood-like leaders, who are ready to facilitate the transference of billions of dollars into earth regeneration, healthcare, clean energy, agroforestry, rewilding and the creation of abundant ecovillages connected by boat and land based travelling caravans.

This is an offering for those leaders who are developing safe and benevolent forms of artificial intelligence informed by magic and animism, or innovating and mutating entirely new/ancient forms of business and entrepreneurship