How can extractive tourism be transformed into regenerative living, mythologically lead social enterprise,  enlivening arts residency trails, ideas labs on wheels for systems thinkers and an experience of mushroom growing, gardening, regenerating abandoned villages and increasing resiliency?

It will be necessary to buy back large amounts of land that have been eroded by agricultural practices in order to regenerate or rewild it, or buy back privately owned land in order to return it to the commons

What would it be to bring these two parts of us from our original human ecological niche, both the need to travel and seek out the elixir of life in new lands and bring new abundance and new possibilities back to the tribe AND to ground and root deeply in an earth-based bioregional place into collaboration?

At this time there is a certainly a strong need to rethink economics and business, to create regenerative abundant non-extractive economic systems, to create mutualistic businesses, to reskill and get our hands on the soil, to get involved in capitalism 2.0 entrepreneurship, to be on the land restoring water courses, encouraging biodiversity to return to ecosystems and facilitating human community in deep relationship with the more-than-human realm.

This becomes possible in intentional vessels for shared practice and living.