How can we rediscover the deep web of stories and myths that are associated with every place, animal, plant and rock and mythbeing in an ecosystem?

These deep network of songs and stories that connect with the sentient intelligence of every rock, animal and mythbeing in a landscape run like a golden thread through all these beings and through our dreams and body and into human culture.

Every landmark and every animal and plant has its dreaming and its story. Mythology and culture are rooted in the dark earth and born from the craggy rocks and hills; they are an exuberant outgrowth of the land’s dreaming.

Every plant and animal and every place on the land are jewels connected by a golden thread of story, song and ceremony which links together the human world, the dreams of the people and their perceptions and body feelings with the ecosystem and the cosmos.

Human culture is entangled with more than-human life; it is a branch of an enormous tree which consists of the entire biosphere, including all plant and animal species and all mineral life. Rocks are people. Some animals and plants are people.

 Some people are animals and plants. Some animals are “witch animals” and practice anthropomancy or “divination by human”: these animals are walkers between world’s who are engaged in interspecies communication, perhaps as part of some enormous underground rhizomatic interspecies council.

Certain dragonfly larvae, jackdaws, red salmon, wolves, basking sharks, foxes, phytoplankton and others can see through the eyes, and feel through the sense feelings of humans.

They are liminal agents from their own species that are attempting to breach the phenomenological and linguistic interspecies gap through our mirror neurons, dreambodies, and shared sense-perception.

To reach the ecovillage networks of the ancient future, we have found a kind of mutation or “going under” may need to happen: we don’t just act as individuals; our agency is moved by solidarity networks and the teeming voices and actions of multitudes of more-than-human life forms.

You may not be just “you” but an assemblage, a sun god, an earthworm, a swarm of diatoms, a eight armed vampiric growling bestial witch, an Oak tree dryad, a voice for your community or for the local bioregion.

We don’t need to make a more a more beautiful world, instead we need to let the “world”: solidarity networks, voices of those who ordinarily go unheard, communities, Oak trees, wyrd old goddesses, dryads, faeries, rivers, evening primrose flowers, hawk moths, otters and ancestors, enter us and make us into more beautiful humans