An important key to us being able to create a more abundant magical interanimistic regenerative presence on earth and to re-create and re-dream culture together is to go out onto the land and listen to the land itself. What does the land have to say? What does the land want from the human beings on it? What is the land’s greater dreaming? We need to listen to its multiple dreaming intelligences, hear its diverse stories and hear its vast and more than human voice.

We may need to hear the animals and plants and the mountain and the rivers speak. Some ancient world is trying to be reborn at this time. The earth is trying to dream some ancient role for human beings into existence and if we listen deeply enough we will be told what our role in that is, we will be given our sacred calling.

We may need to gather together and create ceremony on the earth if we are to restore community, create impactful and abundant businesses sharing wealth with all, restore water courses, reforest ecosystems, regenerate bioregions and really find out who we are. We may need to laugh together and cry together, share our deepest hopes together and our most magnificent dreams together.

The earth is alive and full of meaning. The earth’s mythbeings want to hear our song, they wants to support us. The earth wants to hear our joy and sorrow and it wants us to jump up and live again. But first we have to listen.

You may have imagined a more abundant, wild, resilient, ferocious, stronger loving magical world and you long for it, you ache for it in your deepest core. Now imagination is not enough. You want to taste and feel it and start to create it in a grounded, real way. You can cross the abyss to the more abundant, playful, resilient magical world on the other side.

You can connect with your wild earth based nature, your witchbody, you can sing and dance and help to heal the broken world, you can jump up and live. You can connect with the most powerful parts of yourself, the parts that is entangled with bluebells, elder trees, sparrow hawks and horned goddesses, the part that longs for, knows how to create and in some way already inhabits a more connected, fierce, wild, stronger-loving world shared equitably with myriads of more than human being

Come into the circle of life, make your longings a reality, touch your body and the earth’s intelligences. Now may be a time to come to feel the earth’s deepest dreaming intelligences, not as a mere intellectual understanding, but as a real lived visceral experience. Listen to the land and let yourself be guided to find the most powerful, effective leverage points to create a more abundant, regenerative presence on earth.