We a re surveying and regenerating whole bioregional areas, combining listening to the earth through animistic earth based dreaming ceremony, high tech and permaculture, with a view to exploring how ecosystems can be restored locally and how sacred sites, promadic entrepreneurs practicing business as unusual, on-the-ground regenerative businesses and earth based gardeners and ecovillages dwellers, and local traditional folk can synergise together minimising their ecological footprint and maximising their ancient future regenerative influence.

We are sharing the financial, spiritual, intellectual and social capital to support the development of networks of relationships between business, promadic entrepreneurs, advanced technologies, earth rooted resilient abundant ecovillages, sacred sites in the land and mythbeings in the land

We are gathering on the land to explore how we can bring regenerative business, earth based ceremony, promadic travellers, local folk and ecovillages dwellers together to unleash the powers in the land for its repair and to collaborate with the land to create a home for humans and other beings. We also wish to gather, celebrate, dance, listen to the earth, strategize around ecovillages and crystallize material plans

We also gather around abundant regenerative ecovillage creation, entrepreneurial leadership, dragon dreaming and sociocracy, to speak about how to regenerate water courses and rivers, and soils, and the earth itself, and how to bring the wisdom and knowledge of the dryads and nymphs of the land, weaving them in with the passions of local farmers and gardeners.