The vision for these eco-villages is not based neither on techno-utopianism, nor on rejection of technology, but rather on the use of benevolent and regenerative, transparent, equitable, deep-diplomatic use of high technology, mixed with ancient design techniques. Our vision is based neither on new-age spiritual subjectivism nor nineteenth century scientific objectivism, but on inter-subjective and inter-objective materialist techno-animism.

Our aim is not to rebel against the current socio-economic system, but to act within it with determined agency, to evolve within the current system like a force of negentropy; to render extractive systems system obsolete, and to surpass and improve upon current agricultural and business practices in every way.

We aim to compost the apocalypse, withdraw energy from the future and give it back to the ancestors, expanding ancestral time and filling out the threadbare present with abundance.

We aim to compost the enormous overgrown looming mountain of the linear future which appears as either a techno-utopian or apocalyptic fantasy, and grow from the rotted down corpse of the future apocalypse spiral-time abundant ancestral regenerative ecovillages networks.