Many of us have inside us, perhaps as a gift from our ancient hunter-gathered neuro-biology, a part of us that is deeply rooted in the land, and a part that seeks to seek out new lands, and bring new abundance and new possibilities back to the tribe

We are creating ecovillage networks linked by boat, land, horse and sail cargo travelling caravans. There are deep rooted human needs to seek out new lands and find the elixir for the tribe, the new/ancient regenerative solutions we need and also deep human/animal/plant needs to root in a place.

Ecovillage networks sharing people, regenerative skills, and resources could go some way to fulfilling the needs of both the earth rooted planted folks and the bee-like pollinators.

As well as the permanently earth rooted folks there will be an affordable contract that enables folk to travel freely from one ecovillage to another, so folks can “buy in” to the network, become nomadic stakeholders in the whole network.

These nodes become  intentional vessels for shared practice and living. The members of the movement have the opportunity to invest in the network and thus have access to the vessels and communities while sharing their purpose and projects with the world.

This is a key part of how some communities and eco-village networks connected by travelling caravans of semi-nomads, who have a stake in the community or network can be funded and operate

Regenerative ecovillage networks connected by travelling caravans will consist of ecovillages with common characteristics expressed in widely diverse bioregional forms.

There are some universal principles that apply to all ecovillages, which are be expressed in radically different ways in different environments and in villages with diverse specialities and particular diversities.

A tool kit of parts, for example different forms of energy generation, such as solar, wave, wind, algae bioreactor are available and applied differently in different areas.

This is a fractal model where key elements are present in a larger locality and in each village in this neighbourhood.