The end of growth is the beginning of maturity for an organism, and likewise, when we cease solely individualistic personal growth and switch to dividualistic maturation and deepening in community, and stop economic growth and switch to steady-state economics and luxurious simple sensual abundance, it may be the beginning of maturity for humanity.

As Peter Kingsley said: civilizations and cultures do not come about by accident, they are intentionally made and unmade by people in a state of ecstasy.

We need a new form of Robin Hood entrepreneurship, aimed to move wealth into the commons for regeneration, rewilding and ecovillage creation. Buying back large amounts of land that have been eroded by agricultural practices in order to regenerate it, or turn it into abundant earth based ecovillage networks.

Join us as we mutate culture and mutate technologists, scientists, political leaders and bring them together with antlered trisexual witches, gardeners, farmers and indigenous folk in order to help bring about the ecovillage networks of the ancient ancestral future linked by rhizomatic assemblages of boat, land, horse and sail cargo travelling caravans

We aim to form effective mycelium network teams in the multi-stakeholder group that is the ancient future ecovillage network

Just as Some folk now wish to fly a spaceship to Mars, we intend to do the opposite,  to redirect the wealth found in the technosphere into carbon sequestration and earth regeneration, and take a “spaceship to earth.” To take a “spaceship” to our home, the earth body.

We are taking back our hopes of the messianic or apocalyptic future to come, dismantling them and refashioning them into a kind of floor or ground under us. We are making them into a kind of home. We are reabsorbing the apocalypse, reabsorbing industrial growth culture into the present and transformed them into an earth based homeland where you can live again and feel the waves and waves of love coming from the land.