We are in the process of setting up eco-communities and retreat centers which will enable people to grow their own food, live on the land and also to pursue their own deepest soul calling. We are looking at sites in Greece, in Portugal and the Southwest of England, amongst other places, to set up ecovillages. These communities will be places where we can live with abundance, well being and joy of life as well as being a place where we can seed the transformation of our culture. These communities will be part of a larger connected network of ecovillages. We will remember how to co-exist with the eco-system and with wild nature and we will remember magnificent traditions of myth, conflict resolution, ecobuilding, council, gardening, story, dance, song, and ceremony.

People will live self sufficiently but also go forth into the world and engage in conflict resolution, wildcrafting, ceremony, ethical and regenerative businesses, artistic creation, organizational change, humanitarian interventions, activism and the creation of a more abundant regenerative human presence on earth. A huge tribe will gather where our human story will reverberate alongside the greater story.

Our communities will also feature forest gardens, spaces to create ceremony and council and  treehouses designed according to sacred geometry. There will be opportunities to teach, learn or get involved in earth based dreaming, wildcraft skills, artistic creation, communication with the more-than-human world, sorcery, eco-building, nature awareness, movement in nature, bodywork, cooking, working with dreams, ancestral connection, regenerative economics, conflict resolution, grief ceremonies, storytelling, food growing, writing, woodworking, holistic science, mutualistic and co-operative ways of doing business, skills for setting up housing co-ops and eco-communities, ceremonies of uncursing and depossession, deep ecology and permaculture and many other skills.

The root cultural values for these communities will be the recreation of our placed based nature and of our right relationship with the land, including our relationship with its sentient intelligence and dreaming spirit, which will be reflected and mirrored in our practices of ceremony, conflict resolution and counsel. We will listen and observe the land deeply and carefully in order to learn how to cultivate it and how to connect our human dwellings, our generation of energy and our food production with the earth’s needs and cycles. We hope these projects may also be able to help to fund or be connected to other local projects such as local housing co-operatives, community gardens and sanctuaries for refugees and homeless people, mutualistic businesses and forest gardens.

If you are interested in contributing to the creation of our earth based eco-village, click here connect with us.