Many folks contain huge strategic powers that could be used to generate great wealth for the good of all, transform political and economic systems, destroy enemies, sorcerous powers to bend the skein of fate, or skills of cunning that could be used to make peace between people in intense conflict, reforest deserts, regenerate cultures or create abundant regenerative ecovillage networks.

For some folks to be fully satisfied, to drink deep, to be sated of life would be to unleash the unspeakably weird, roof-raising, outrageous and magnificent powers they are entangled with such as star constellations, goddesses pregnant with new worlds, vampires, Zagreus accompanied by snakes and leopards summoned roaring from the underworld with trumpet blasts in a Hieros Gamos marriage with his sacred beloved human queen, Oak forests at sunset and shimmering azure lakes, migrating geese and subtle weather patterns in the upper atmosphere, million of years of ancestral wisdom going back into and past the time of humanity into the time of mammal wisdom and primordial sea creature’s dreaming move out of the land or sky and through the people.

These powers are always there, waiting to be touched and courted, reminding us that we are not just human only, we contain multitudes, we are penetrated by multitudes, we are filled with tremulous  power that can be unleashed at any moment.

This is a call for leaders to become so deeply entwined in the earth and the sky’s abundant dreaming that they feel moved to act on the earth’s behalf.

This is a call for leaders who wish to become so deeply connected with the earth and sky, so entangled with the myth beings, the deities, animals, rocks and plants in the local biosphere, that they can’t NOT act on the earth’s behalf, and direct their energies towards earth regeneration; becoming a part of the earth repairing itself.