I work with powerful entrepreneurs, iconic world leaders, grassroots innovators and  bioregional leaders who have climbed the ladder of success and now wish to be able to experience the bliss of a large force of earth and sky moving through them.

What would it be to move towards the greatest impact with the least amount of effort, contributing towards civilizational change, whilst expanding wealth and pouring it towards ecological and social regeneration?

To experience the immense sorcerous power of your own immortal corporeal deity body as a physical embodied process, to tap into the root of the troubles, terrors and tribulations of your life and allow them to be transfigured into miraculous, loving and practically useful powers.

What would it be to be unafraid of the power to influence politicians or industry leaders in health care, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, or agroforestry?

To move from being pushed around by social systems, emotions and body sensations, into living from imagination in the Blakean sense as unlimited dream? To become a jugador or player of the game of time and space.

 Perhaps it is time to tap into the unlimited power of your bull or ibis-headed deity self or your soaring eagle or deep diving swordfish self manifest within the limits of space-time.

Payment for a coaching package over a three month or six month period will go towards the creation of an abundant ecovillage network.

Imagine your life history, story, energy, dreams, perception and superconscious potentiality getting reweaved into the ancestral fetch power of the land, the sky or sea itself and its sentient intelligence.

This reweaving of the embodied psyche back into the land and the sky’s sensory grounded embodied dreaming intelligence breaks in a small way the “curse” of the nightmare of history: it is a raft across the river which separates us from our place in the relational world.

 In an entrepreneurial sense it allows us to tap into the unlimited possibilities of regenerative circular capitalism 2.0. It “breaches” in a sense the modern separation of a person’s individual existence with their deep cultural belonging and homeland.

This reweaving into the land and sky  means that you are not just doing the thing you are here to do at this time by yourself, you are doing it in collaboration with the land and mythbeings and sky itself.

To access the vast power of the sun and underworld, which moves you, moves your body and soul, comes through you, dominates you, and which you also command

Is your entrepreneurship informed by Kephri pushing the sun through the Duat, by faeries seen through holes in stones, Hungarian Liderc with horse’s hooves and wings, taltos who battle as bulls, Malandanti witches in Italy who transform people into horses and borrow their second skin and Bulgarian snake witches?

 When you move or speak from this place, creation moves and speaks from this place and world and grassroots leaders and even perhaps the Gods or Goddesses and rivers and forests, will listen.

So when you are designing a new paradigm of disruptive business, a digital currency, a new development in animistic artificial intelligence, or a regenerative abundant economic system or creating an ecovillage it is not just you doing it, it is the local ecosystem, an assemblage of the ancestors, myth-beings, were-foxes, faery queen lovers, and nurse Hippa carrying “the soul of the universe”, the infant Dionysus on her head in a winnowing basket with a snake wrapped around it that are doing it: all these persons have a say and are deep-democratically included in this process.

Join us as we compost the apocalypse and cross the narrow bridge from our present chaosmos into the ancient techno-animistic future. Join us as we become bridge builders to an ancient solarpunk  abundant future

This is a call for leaders, visionaries, technologists and bold entrepreneurs yearning in their blood and bones to become changeling earth beings. To reach earth community our ancestral homeland or loveland.

To pass over that narrow bridge over the abyss, you will not arrive as yourself, but as something mutated, changed, altered, queered; perhaps as an assemblage of ancestors, storm Gods, baboon deities, witches, horned goddesses, solidarity networks, friends, allies and Holm Oak trees.

Now is the time to lean into the otherness, let go ordinary identities, and let the wealth goddesses, sea beasts and holobionts mutate us into the beings who will be ready for abundance, thrival and earth restoration in the strange technoanimistic mutant times to come.

A passage way will open, through the worlds, borne by the gods, through mysterious passageways in the earth, a root to community, a pathway shaped in the shape of your wyrd love and magic.

The door will open, in which your ancestral trouble and wisdom is the trembling ecstasis of the drawn bow, just as your life is the arrow that is flying towards ancient future earth community.

Your destiny isn’t just for you but for your legacy for the future beings and descendants many generations in the future who inherit what wonder you will bring.

You were never just a bow being drawn.

You are the arrow that is now flying.