As an animistic materialist and techno-animist, I work not with inner psychological archetypes nor with new age spiritual systems but with collective organisms, holobionts or deities that arise from the material intra-relationship patterns in small and large scale ecosystems.

I am also informed by facilitative practices, business consultancy and coaching practices learnt through fifteen years of training with world leaders in the field and by meticulous study, research and practice of traditional sorcerous, occult and magical texts, ceremonies and traditions.

When folks listening to the land more deeply, they can listen to the “holobiont”, the collective organism or collective intelligence that emergently arises from the sensory grounded immanent intra-relationship of every plant, animal, mineral in a bioregion. This holobiont or collective organism that arises emergently from the intelligence of the land, is that perhaps what many cultures call “Goddess” or “faery” or “spirit.”

Sensory data travels from and into the more than-human world as we pick up the sense feelings, muscular and bone movements, biochemical processes, cellular or molecular arrangements, fascia and sinew arrangements, eye movements and pupil dilations, temporal-spatial and vestibular sense, proprioception, timbre and rhythms of sounds and voice, behaviour patterns and interoception of more-than-human life forms and their ways of seeing, hearing, smelling, breathing, metabolising, photosynthesising, tasting, knowing or sensing and the speeds, textures, rhythms and intensities of their morphology and movements through our mirror neurons and embodied sense perception.

These sensory experiences sometimes emergently self-organise and aggregate into densely patterned intraconnected clusters of sense data or ‘mythbeings’, that can transfer from the more than-human world to the human world across the biophysical gap via the vehicle of collectively shared embodied sense perception. By this means we can “become animal and become universe” as the philosopher Gilles Deleuze puts it.

This is the immanent sensory-grounded embodied phenomenological basis for the collective materialist animistic sense- field or sentient intelligences of bioregions and their inhabitants

And in listening to these holobionts, they can give deep feedback about the watercourses we need to restore, how to “master garden” the land back to restoration, how to create technologies of abundance, and how to create entrepreneurship that can help to restore biodiversity and human community.