A network of earth based intentional communities could potentially form part of the skeletal system of a new resilient, regenerative, abundant earth based socio-economic system. There is a deep need for human beings to be on the land. There is also a deep need in the human psyche to travel and seek out new lands.

Individual people on eco-villages love to connect with the land but often get frustrated that they are bound to only one geographical space. We need land based communities, but we also need them connected to each other forming a large network.

Perhaps these two mythic tendencies, to be on the land and to travel and seek out new lands, originate from our time as roving hunter gatherers and are a built in part of the human condition.

Mythic interanimistic forces in us move us to connect with the animals, plants, and stories in the land, to learn how to co-exist with the intelligence of nature and at some point to go forth and seek out new lands and bring back an elixir which will restore or enhance the life of the tribe.

A network of linked eco-villages, designed along permaculture principles, linked by land and water based travelling caravans, could fulfil this deep need in human beings to both be on the land and also to travel.