At the moment there seems to be a perilous abyss between this world and the more abundant regenerative world and I feel that my role is help guide people across the bridge that leads over the abyss. On the other side there may be a world of playfulness, well being, wildness, conscious ferocity magic and abundance. After we have crossed the narrow bridge to the ancient future on the other side of the great turning we will find a life of playfulness, well being, enjoyable hardship, magic and abundance. We don’t live in fear of never having enough in this new world, but we are able to give our deepest gifts. We are able to live out our deepest dreams and myths. We can help people to find and express their soul calling.

I see people gathering together to create community even when it seems difficult, creating abundant gardens even in cities. Elders arise and guide young people on their paths. And I see people restoring ecosystems and humans co-creating with the earth. Humans remember how to listen to a bioregion’s many intelligences. Some places are allowed to return to complete wildness and large wild animals roam once more.

New more techno-animistic technologies emerge. Forms of participatory decentralised democracy emerge. Folk recreate community and once again gather in sacred council. Forums for conducting conflict resolution appear in which social and political problems are seen as manifestations of sacred powers which have not yet been given full expression and recognition. People who have radically different viewpoints, and perhaps think of themselves as enemies, will find ways to communicate.

People will recognise that, beneath their fear, even an oppressive or difficult human being is standing for some human value. I feel that behind the conflict and troubles in this world, human community is trying to appear, and the human collective unconscious is trying to wake up. In this new ancient world, respect for the more-than-human world, sorcerous powers, playfulness, sexuality, the heart, the body, bravery, consciousness, intuition and being itself are valued as well as and alongside robust science and reason.

Finally, after ten thousand years of moving away from earth community, the snake bites its own tail, and we are able to re-enter earth community. We can lay down our excessive fear of death. We can lay down the strain and stress of having to oppress other and oppress ourselves and lay down our shame at living a false life. In this earth based culture we are not disconnected and alone but are supported by community and the earth.

We will will gather together in ceremonies in nature. In this more beautiful world there are once more magnificent traditions of story, song dance and performances. I see forests by the sea and gardens in forests. Houseboats float on the sea and in rivers, treehouses and other buildings are designed on principles of sacred geometry and blend into the wood and beach. Here there are places for ceremony and transformations, uninhibited wildness, and the most secret esoteric mysteries are given away freely to everyone. Humans and nature spirits dance together in sweet sacred magic. A huge tribe gathers where human stories sound and reverberate as part of the greater story