We want people who are fully committed to creating a playful, abundant, earth based regenerative interanimistic presence on earth and who wish to base their food systems, ceremony, methods of council and dwellings on collaborating with the plants, animals, rocks and sentient holobiontic intelligences of nature.

We would like to find more resilient effective highly-skilled totally committed cutting edge leaders who wish to live on the land regeneratively and are devoted to caring for their local ecosystem and who may also wish to sally forth into the world to engage in courageous actions such as artistic creativity, conflict resolution, facilitation, culture redesign, organizational change, innovative mutualistic entrepreneurship or whatever powerful calling they are inspired to do in the world.

We are also looking for all the collaborators, investors, fund-raisers, entrepreneurs, ceremonialists, gardeners, clowns, magicians, healers, activists, dreamers, facilitators, storytellers, deep ecologists, artists, permaculturalists, fathers and mothers, wise elders, eco-builders and all the other people who will co-create this vision.

We need people who have done a large amount of group development and who have engaged extensively in working through, processing and transforming or finding the power behind their own underworld unconscious tendencies and are fully committed to this as an ongoing personal and group process. We also need people who have experience of, or are trained in deep democractic practices such as process work and sociocracy or other methods.

We believe that people living in a group that cares and shares will be happier and have a greater sense of well-being. Diversity is welcomed. Every member of the community is treated on an equal basis regardless of their financial contribution or their education or skills level.