What is the relationship between the manipulator or controller and the trickster?

What is the relationship between the manipulator or controller and the trickster? In a sense they are opposites. The trickster’s cunning, wildness and creativity ultimately liberate us whilst the manipulator’ controlling nature curses, limits or coerces us. The manipulator or oppressor sees things from one narrow perspective, whilst the trickster sees things from multiple perspectives, and may even help us to step momentarily into the opposite of our usual perspective. The manipulator sets a series of impossible extrinsic superegoic standards for us to live up to, whilst the trickster shows us the way to break free from these standards and to find our own values and power.

But also there is a deeper relationship between the two. The manipulator is like a trickster that hasn’t yet become fully trickster; the manipulator is an unconscious trickster. When we bring consciousness and tenderness to the inner sensations, movements, feelings, internalized beliefs, mythic images and relationship patterns that accompany a desire to control and allow them to alchemically transform, when the neural cathexes and somatic organization that are involved in controlling and manipulating are freed up, the energy of the trickster may arrive in their place.

The manipulator lies ‘in service of the lie’; in service of unconsciousness and trauma, whereas the trickster ‘lies for the truth’ i.e. they create; they are liberators and reality creators. As Picasso says ‘art is a lie that reveals the truth.’ The tricksters wiliness and cunning is not a falsification of reality but something like an artistic creation, an opening to new and seemingly impossible or unthought cognitive, emotional, intentional, spiritual and psychological perspectives.

For this reason trickster is on the side of consciousness and negentropy; trickster is a power of consciousness itself. In the stories of the one thousand and one nights Scheherazade acts like a trickster and liberates the women, the land and also even the tyrant himself through her storytelling and art. Scheherazade’s name means ‘city redeemer’ and her sister Dunyazade’s name means ‘world redeemer.’

The trickster is, in a way, the SOLUTION or medicine that counters the manipulator; whilst the inner or outer manipulator keeps us stuck in an old story, an old repetitive pattern that we might find it difficult to break out of, the trickster is the one that helps us breaks out of unconscious patterns, ruts, routines and habits with playful magic, wildness and creativity. The manipulator sees everything from one limited, myopic, narrow perspective but the trickster sees things from many different perspectives. The trickster shows us how to see the way out of impossible problems, to interrupt or upturn the process of everyday reality and to let some new mode of being come forth