Praise the white blossoms on blackthorn branches

Praise the white blossoms on blackthorn branches, Praise the translucent sunlight coruscating through silver birch forests, praise the tiny bluebell plants, praise the mysterious unexpected strangeness of the the soul’s trajectory, praise the iridescent flash of a kingfisher over the river, praise the azure dream-like rune language of the right whale, praise the moon’s lucid mirror, praise the sun’s immense sacred fire, praise the frozen crystalized earth in the winter, praise the riotous upsurge of orgasmic life in the spring, praise the golden harvest of the autumn, praise the confusion and derangement, praise the fake news, praise the shards of the Sophia trapped in the war machine, praise the glimpse of kindness in the brutal person, praise the star strewn sky, praise the tedium and bureaucracy, praise the disappearing middle class, praise the machines that are beginning to dream, praise all your addictions, praise troubles and conflicts, praise the medicine hidden behind your addictions and life problems, praise the way home discovered through the transformation of troubles and conflict, praise your unconscious taboo desires, praise your luminous sentient awareness, praise the wild god found at the bottom of a lake, praise the heartache and loss of love, praise death, regret and grief, praise the abyssal despair, praise the joy, praise the liquid light ecstasy, praise loving kindness, praise decay, praise chaos and riots, praise the peacemakers, praise the cheesemakers, praise the shamans, praise the shoemakers, praise the luminous mist rising from the river in the morning, praise Parzival and the round table of myth beings, praise the stomach, solar plexus, nerves, sinews, muscles, tendons, spinal fluid, heart and blood, praise the tree of all ancestors, praise everyone you love, praise everyone you hate, praise the one’s you disagree with, praise the enemy, praise the phylogenetic sea of all life, praise the Arthurian godhead of the oak tree, praise the faeries on the wild moorland nibbling gorse flowers, praise the chidren playing and dreaming a new world into being, praise the circle of human community gathering around the hearthfire, praise all the senses, praise the Jupiterian fire in the eye of the sparrowhawk, praise the spirit bear you ride so softly in your dreams, praise the deer flowing over wood anemones and celandine into the forest and disappearing amongst ash trees, praise your wit, medicine power and cunning, praise your anger, praise your tenderness, praise the elder’s wisdom, praise the mycorrhiza gently upholding the earth, praise the ones who praise, praise those who don’t praise, praise the aggressive and tender lovemaking of all beasts, praise the new culture waiting to emerge from the people, praise the giant sleeping in the land, praise the immense mythos hidden in everyday moments, praise the wild stories hidden in the hills and rivers, praise the vast superintelligence of the earth’s dreaming