You become what you do with your focus and your intention.

You become what you do with your focus and your intention. If you spend your days with people you don’t feel connected with, if you spend your life in a relationship with a person you don’t really want to be with, if you spend your life working on a part of your business that is not particularly important, this is your life. These acts are what comprise your time here on earth.

If you spend your time micromanaging your life or someone else’s life or if you spend a large part of your day scrolling on facebook or checking emails you may to experience disappointment. If you spend your time feeding your addictions or numbing yourself you sre likely to experience loss and grief at some point.

If you spend your time with people you deeply connect with, if you minimize your checking emails and facebook scrolling and maximize your human connection time, your joyful learning, creating, gardening, community building time, your earth based time or whatever is close to your deep body-soul-being then your life may be quite different.

Surrender to the other life that is waiting for you. You don’t have to force yourself, just follow your real joy with fierce determined focus and intent and let some greater power work through you. If you live in this way, you will spiral upwards; even more love will come into your life.

Your real talents and powers are right there under your nose, you have had them all along. The treasure is buried in your back garden.

If you locate and work on the most important, the most courageous, easeful and soul-uplifting human or earth connections or parts of your business that you can, then you may begin to take flight and experience freedom. If you focus on the things that really serve life on earth then your life may begin to take on the contours of your dreams and your deepest embodied soul.