You may be midwives of a new world being born

You may be midwives of a new world being born. Now it is a tiny seed, it may grow to be a vast tree which will shelter all life on earth.

Stepping forward in your magnificence, giving your gifts to your community and shining forth in fierce love are acts of selfless service. The earth needs you and your power at this time, however ragged and imperfect you are, it needs you as you are. It needs you for its healing, for its protection and co-creation.

Adore yourself as a great service to the earth. Hold yourself with tenderness. The earth will hold your grief. You are completely worthy to have people listen to your grief, and have people listen to that brother of grief, joy. You are worthy to shine forth from your deepest most exquisite joy.

You are good enough and worthy as you are, in your beingness, in your embodiment, in your earth body. Even in the world of confusion and chaos, when you speak from the deepest truth of your great heart it will fill people with enormous courage. Now is the time for exquisite sensitivity sensuality and also fierce focused primal animal power used for the good of all

Give your gift by living it in yourself and then flaming up in your love in front of others. Give this gift by BEING this powerful.

As a service to the earth open your whole body, energy heart and soul to creation. It is a gift to the earth. Give your whole love, be calm and relaxed, let go, you are doing it for all creation, be absolutely shamelessly magnificent. Step forward and give it as a gift.