You threw me to the wolves
you didn’t realize, they were my childhood companions
You sent me to be consumed by a bear
you didn’t realize, he was my shapeshifting brother
You left my body to be consumed by crows
you didn’t realize, I’d fed the crows long ago
when they were starving
and now they will feed me
You sent me to the black witch
you didn’t realize, she’d come to be my lover
You cursed me,
you didn’t realize, I’d read the curse upside down,
so it became a blessing

You sent me on a perilous journey
to almost certain death
I found a new beautiful country there
You threw me to a great white shark
I dove down deep
I came riding up on its back
You sent me out into the city with nothing but rags
I soon became a king
You sent me to war with no weapons
but some god gave me a fiery sword
You oppressed my ancestors for generations
you didn’t realize, I’d come to find you
with an army of ancestors behind me

You smashed out my brains
Someone put a whale’s brain in my head
So I could see the thoughts of whales and men
You tried to drown me in the lake
I met a hidden wild god at the bottom
You threw me into a well
I found the hidden elixir of life there
that the gods had hidden there millennia before
You sent me to the wasteland
you didn’t realize, I had seeds stashed in my pockets
and I planted an abundant garden there

You cast me from the city
you didn’t realize, I’d unite all the outcasts
from a thousand generations
and crash down the city gates
And come storming back in
You threw me in a pit of scorpions
you didn’t realize, it was a gilded feather bed
and my future wife and children were sleeping in it
You strung me from a tree
You didn’t realize, you’d enthroned me on the world tree
You stabbed a nail through my chest
you didn’t realize, you were nailing starfire to my heart