People like to talk about having spirit guides, familiars and fetch beings but what if animals also have human familiars, human tutelary spirits and human fetch beings?

Humans like to have emotional support pigs but what if a pig or a bee needs to have an emotional support human?

Some humans are more like animals, and some animals are “witch animals”: these animals are walkers between world’s who are engaged in interspecies communication, perhaps as part of some enormous underground rhizomatic interspecies council

Have you ever woken up at night, walked down to the river, only to find you are being dreamt by a pike just below the surface of the rippling dark water-light? You didn’t summon it, it summoned you.

There might be particular dragonflies and rooks which are involved in the liminal task of anthropomancy or: “divination by human.” There might be certain oak trees and sperm whales which might also practice shapeshifting into humans

Have you ever turned up to a biological cult masked ball where you soon discover the masks are the living faces of elephant hawk moths, or walked out of your house at night, and wandered into a nightclub full of human sized smooth snakes and bioluminescent radiolorians?

Or looked down at a tiny rock pool in which an immense world changing conference is being held between thousand eyed sea anemone and sea nymphs? You are being dreamt.

Just as a human can be reborn as a water flea without losing any moral or spiritual “status”, so a water flea or bumblebee might be reborn as a hypercosmic deity dreaming the universe into being

Certain dragonfly larvae, jackdaws, red salmon, wolves, basking sharks, foxes, phytoplankton and others can see through the eyes, and feel through the sense feelings of humans.

They are liminal agents from their own species that are attempting to breach the phenomenological and linguistic interspecies gap through our mirror neurons, dreambodies, and shared sense-perception.