After a period of time bringing awareness to the senses, remembering to see all the thousands of colours in a sunset, to smell the moisture and humidity in the air and to smell microchanges in the weather, to see tiny changes in patterns of light, to hear different the microrhythms and textures within birdsong or the subtle timbres of a human voice, to feel inner body sensations, subtle body movements, inner mythic and dreamlike images within our selves and within other people, to listen to disavowed and split off parts of our psyche and difficult feelings such as grief or fear as well as feelings of ecstasy, to become aware of the life rhythms of animals and plants near our home, such as the times of day when brown trout are likely to move through a particular riffle, run or eddy in the river or where ravens fly too at dusk, to learn the mythic stories hidden with a particular tree or stone, the meaning of birdsongs, to learn which plants in nature can heal and feed us and to learn to observe the subtle concentric rings that everything in nature sends out, to learn to extend awareness into relationship with non-human beings such as a tiny wren, or the flowering blackthorn tree in which the wren darts from branch to another, or little bluebell, chicory or burdock plants or a strong wild brown river a shift in perspective happens. It become apparent that we are not just bringing awareness to the earth but rather than the earth is being aware of itself through us, we are an extension of the earth’s consciousness or awareness looking at itself