The word ‘panic’ originated from the Greek word Panikon meaning “fear caused by Pan.” Pan, the God of nature and wildness, is one of the hidden powers behind panic. Beneath panic, beneath anxiety, lies power and wildness. Or to put it another way anxiety is repressed or unconscious wildness. Wildness is the solution to anxiety. Instead of fearing Pan, we need to come to know his nature, to be conscious of our wildness, to embrace our own sacred and animalistic power. Pan can help us to be larger than our fears, move from the small self into the big Self and embrace our true wild indomitable nature. He can help us to turn our despair into love, our hopelessness into sacred vision, our striving into playfulness, our anxiety into power, our battlefields into sacred ceremony and the wasteland in our soul into an abundant garden. Every time we are able to consciously hold our body feelings of fear, our anxiety decreases and our power increases. If we are able to follow our feelings of fear all their way to their root we may find fear alchemically transforms into power. At the very root of fear, at the deepest level of our being, there lies its seeming opposite; immense, indestructible, unspeakable power. If we access this deep well of our being wild power will surge up from the earth and cascade down from the heavens, it will flow through our body like a river.