If you want to live from your scarcity-based imperialist, mercantile or feudal ancestors, cultivate an embodiment practice without an enearthment practice

To live from your superabundant antifragile forest-gardening ass-shaking community-based ancestors, become the earthbody

Descending into the earthbody doesn’t yield a fixed, static imperialist or redundant neo-feudalist identity but a rhizomatic changeling multicultural polysexual, Dionysian polymorphic superabundant identity

An ecological expanded “identity”, if one could call it that, traverses the vast distances, cultural transformations, travelling caravans and fractal migrations taken by one’s ancient ancestors.

To be earth based is to be both “a person from somewhere”, fully rooted in the earth and tradition, and a cosmo-local, polycultural person from many places.

To be the earthbody, is to become a “flow-through” for the intelligence and agency of the roe deer, kelp, sea eagles, asphodel, hedgehogs, giant millipedes, craggy mountains covered in lupins, cloud formations in the upper atmosphere, dryads, faery queens and the other myriad beings of one’s bioregion.

One’s spatial-temporal-vestibular sense, propriorception, interoception, seeing, hearing, movements and multiple other senses migrate into the local bioregion.

Not just self-actualization but self sea-squirtization. Not just embodiment but enforestment.

To be embodied without the fullness of the earthbody is to always hold back a little bit of one’s grief. To be only embodied only is always to hold back a little bit of one’s rampaging joy.

To be embodied without being the earthbody is to hold back abundance and community delight.

To be the sensory earthbody, which also of course includes one’s sensory-physical embodiment, is to gain a belly-fullness of friendship with multiple beings of the bioregion, a love that is greater than any other love, a joyfully aggressive mounting of destiny and a superabundance of regenerative community.