The throne in the centre of the kingdom is calling to you. It does not call to the pretender, the upstart or the usurper. It does not call to those lost in their certainties, pieties and comforting illusions of control. It calls to you. It calls to the ruminant, to the wanderer in the wilderness. The one who knows the ways of the wild. There is a high golden road that links the depth of the wilderness to the court of the king, although few know or speak of it. You know it because of your heartbreak, because of your grief, because your joy is ferocious and unstoppable, because your heart is touched with flame, it is a burning thing, like the sun itself. When ravens gather together in conference in the moorland to tell ancient stories they speak of this high and secret road that leads from the forest to the throne. The tracks that deer leave in old growth copses will lead you to it. Deer have known about this road for tens of thousands of years, it is built into the dreams woven in golden threads throughout the land. It is painted on the walls of Mesolithic caves and on graffiti on city streets. You know it from your dreams.

You have reason to tremble; the road is strewn with the bones of those who have tried to walk this path and failed. When you walk this path there is no way back. When you are in, you are in for good. People are called to walk this path when the earth itself is in peril, when the culture is dying and has not yet been reborn. When many are suffering under the hand of the usurper. But you will walk this road anyway, despite your trembling. Your trembling is food for the Gods. You will take the golden road to the kingdom and you will overcome all and any obstacles you meet on the way there. Look deep into the eye of the demons that blocks your path on the road ahead and you will see that they are part of your power in a hidden, disguised form. You will meet the honey-hearted allies you need on your journey. Vast and benevolent intelligences of the earth will guide you. When you fall your ancestors will pick you up with their strong arms. You feared your life would slip through your fingers like grains of sand, but it will not. Remember the vows you took eons ago to liberate all beings. Your vow to liberate all beings will break all your addictions. Your pain was not meaningless. Your pain is a route to power. This is your destiny. Your grief and agony was not wasted.

In the throne room there are your ancestors and there are your spirit ancestors; the noble heroes, Gods, Goddesses, Queens and Kings who are your true soul family. They tell you that the world as you know it is folded up like a map, origami style. But soon it will unfold and new continents and new countries will be revealed. And people will walk out freely into them. Ivy, brambles and wild orchids grow near the throne and next to it stand two ancient Oak trees. The throne itself is wreathed in stars. It is the gateway to limitless worlds. Constellations and whole universes are being created here. Above the throne there are five immense beings. They are your next five incarnations, after those incarnations, who knows what will happen? Step up onto the throne, become the king or queen, become the one who you have always been and set your people free.