At this time of cultural change, upheaval and transformation we gather together in the wild, around a sacred fire and in ceremony to remember our humanness, our sacredness, our animalness, to reconnect with our senses and who we are.  You can bring the whole of you to these gatherings: all your joy, magnificence, swagger, wildness, magic, playfulness, shyness, exuberance, grief, fear, terror, beauty. It is all welcome. We welcome all of you to come to the great community feast of life.

Amongst the ancient beauty, wild land, the tearflow, the dance and true authentic speaking you may find your deepest magical self, your animistic posthuman self or ecological Self, and remember, re-learn or be inspired to let a river of respect, love, ferocity and creativity flow from your heart and body into the world. May you find an enormous trust in this body that you are, a ferocious and powerful instinct to feed the Gods and to find ways to offer your magnificent gifts to community and to life.

We may find an earth rootedness and deep healing body connection through sensory-grounded embodied experiences of such processes as deep ecology,  trance, dreamwork, storytelling, conflict resolution, dance, wildcraft, dream theatre, and nature awareness. We come together in ceremony to turn ghosts into revered ancestors, to shapeshift into animals and mythbeings, to engage in movement in nature, ceremonies of uncursing and depossession and to find the power behind our personal and communal disavowed life energies. We may communicate with our descendants- the beings of the future and the land’s local mythbeings..

We may come together to listen to the the earth’s wisdom and stories, sing, dance, pray and find ways to help bring human beings back into connection with the sentient dreaming intelligence of nature. We celebrate, play, remember that which we may have forgotten, and perhaps remember the magnificence found in ourselves, in community and in the earth. We may learn to give and receive blessing and to discover or rediscover our vision or our calling. We may connect with the most powerful part of ourselves, the core of our grounded body sense and our grief and joy, that part that longs for and can perhaps act to powerfully create a more abundant regenerative animistic presence on earth.

Many of us have a deep longing for belonging,  belonging to the earth, to the family of non-human beings and to the family of human community.  We  may come together to satiate that thirst, to drink deep of the waters of belonging, to drink deep of the waters of life, to drink deep of the life giving, healing water of ceremony and community. We bring together human community, animals, plants, minerals and mythbeings in sweet sacred magic, to break any fetters that hold us, to let our earthbody dance, crawl, root or soar.