Here are ten suggestions for witcher/magical/spiritual/ earth based entrepreneurs and folks starting businesses, curated from my experience coaching highly successful entrepreneurs:

1 It doesn’t matter if you fail.

Of course there is a different consequences to what one might perceive as failure and success, but at a certain point, one reaches a place where these factors are outside one’s own control. What matters and what is in one’s control is that YOU ACTIVELY USE YOUR HANDS TO SHAPE YOUR LIFE in the direction of your body-soul’s desires; this evolves the body-soul, and if you this you always succeed, even you fail. And if this one particular endeavour doesn’t succeed there is always something else to try, or another way to do it to try.

2 It doesn’t matter if you succeed.

Some folks avoid success because they believe success will be “IT”: “IT” is a super-intense metaphysical absolute that they never quite reach, but which they predicate their identity on achieving. What will come after that intense success, one might speculate, just some kind of unsatisfying retirement or loss of identity? But nothing is ever substantially metaphysically “IT” (including Coca-Cola), rather everything, even the most profound success, is completely light, “non-inherently existent” as Mahayana Buddhists say. Even when you succeed fully in the most courageous endeavour, there is always some new calling to fulfil.

3 It doesn’t matter what you achieve.

The purpose of life is not to achieve things that live in the future but to EXPERIENCE the things which deeply satisfying the body-soul and helpfully shared these experiences with others in the present. Therefore choose entrepreneurial activities which allow one to experience the things you need to experience and generously share now with your community, co-operative, customers or clients. These experiences, will eventually stack into an impressive set of life achievements, which you will never fully own, but which you will have experienced and the wonderous consequences of which will be felt in other’s experiences, even after you are gone.

4 It doesn’t matter what people think.

Whilst the diverse or divergent opinion of knowledgeable and trusted peers is of course worth listening to, the opinions of the folks in general who aren’t experts in the subject in hand are like the opinions of people who write reviews of James Joyce or Toni Morrison on Goodreads saying they didn’t understand the plot. Totally irrelevant to anything, and no-one cares. What does matter is listening to and fulfilling the desires of your chosen client group.

5 It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a million followers.

Getting 100,000 followers or a million followers on social media is profound and satisfying for some people. And also, human beings evolved in tribes of 30-200 people. For some folks changing 30-200 people deeply can be better than ten thousand or a million superficially. Some of the most prosperous folks running online businesses do not have tens of thousands of followers (Although some do). And that smaller number can be enough to change the course of history if they are carefully selected people, and if you are into that.

6 It doesn’t matter about all the little details

Focus on the main vision and not on all the little details and the little details become easier to do. Otherwise side quests can hijack the brain’s executive function and one ends up working hard towards achieving these less important sub-missions instead of the main mission. In a sense, when one focuses on the main vision, the little details “do themselves”; they are delegated to others, a short limited boundaried time is put aside for them or they turn out to be much easier than they seem. It’s like the myths where the little wren or salmon you fed when they most needed it, turn up to help you do the work and lift your burden.

7 It doesn’t matter if you don’t do everything

Life is too short to achieve everything you are capable of. That would take many lifetimes. Instead, in any given month, year or lifetime, select the thing which is challenging, difficult, joyful, life-liberating and expansive enough, that it “covers everything” important to you; this one vision which is expansive enough to “include everything” in one microcosmic hypersigil or hypersymbol. In any given minute, hour, day or week, select the thing which contributes the most to this vision that touches everything

8 It doesn’t matter what your clients say they want.

It’s not a case of just blithely ignoring the client’s stated need completely of course, but rather what matters is their true deeper mythic weird desire or need which is hiding under their apparent desire. Their true deepest dream which their apparent needs and desires at the moment cover up. It is this unconscious need or desire, this unbearable mythic longing hidden deep in the client’s ancestral dreaming which you need to listen to, bring into clarity and then find means to fulfil and magnify with your offering or service.

9 It doesn’t matter who you think you are

A great vision doesn’t come just from the future, it flowers up from some immense pre-historical root-dreaming beyond superficial identities, and to cultivate it is to be changed, mutated and altered by it. It pushes out all the irrelevant identities and irrelevant things. You will be altered by the work you are doing, and by that which you intend to do. Your older dried-up identities may be loosened off to fit this new work you are to do. Some wyrd mythbeing may push itself up behind your face. You may need to ask yourself: do you want to keep your husk identities or do you want to do the work you are called to do? Do you want to keep your old identities or do you want you and your people to be happy and free?

As a magician, you may be a gigantic wyrd spiky late developing chrysalis, whilst those around you are small successful cute butterflies. When this chrysalis hatches, culture will mutate around you and folk near you will transform into hummingbirds and right whales. A wind will blow into today from a forest in paleolithic times. The universe will shake to its foundations. Let it be so.

10 It doesn’t matter if you die.

Of course, please stay healthy, don’t be reckless and take great care of your body. But if you die living your deepest and most exquisite dream that helps in some way to upholds the universe and repair culture, you will become like dionysus, who like the vine, dies every winter and is born in the spring and growing a million bodies from his root body in the elysium faery world. If you die living your most joyful dream that repairs the universe, you are ALREADY AN IMMORTAL, so it matters less if you die.