For some reason you have been born into the broken world, at a time of great pain for the earth, at time of crisis for humanity. As a child you felt the vast benevolent powers of nature pulsing through everything. But later came trauma and forgetting. People try to convince you that the scarcity, struggle and degradation you see around are the natural state of humanity. Perhaps you become a confident adult but at some point heartbreak and grief seek you out. You may be assailed by doubt, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, despair, violence or madness.

The identity you have been given by the human realm shatters and you find yourself being slowly healed by the earth and learning from the smallest humblest things. After a while you find other people who are of the same tribe, who feel the same way, who have also suffered and been reborn. Perhaps after some time you begin to realize you are here for a reason, you are here because you know how to create a more beautiful abundant benevolent home on this earth for humanity. At first the task seems impossible. You have to follow a path which your heart knows but which you cannot see. You have to do thing which you don’t even know how to do before you do them.

You will be tested, but you find you have always had the skills you need buried within you and after a while you will begin to succeed. The world doubts you, but now you have a community supporting you and you know the Gods are on your side, history is on your side. Old psychological and cognitive patterns that once helped people to survive in the old world are ceasing to function. Soon following these old patterns will lead to death instead of life. Then the world will look to the changelings, those who have already transformed, those who know the way, who can safely lead other people to the new world to come.

The world as it is ending, some new world is about to be born. You are ready but some other human beings are not yet ready. Soon they will come to you for guidance. First they will come in a trickle, but after some time that trickle will become a flood. You will show people how to grow a garden in their heart, where there once was a wasteland. You will show them how to care for the earth and for each other. Your anxiety will become power, your fear will reveal itself as courage in a disguised form, your grief will reveal itself as the other side of joy, and your hopelessness will become great vision, like that of an eagle. You will remember who you are, a life giving river will flow to the world through your heart.