Right now I am guiding people out on individual facilitation journeys into the wild on the coasts, forests, moorland and on an ecovillage in England and other locations. Amongst the beauty and power of nature I can guide you to connect with the earth’s deepest immanent dreaming intelligence, to resolve inner and outer conflicts, to retrieve soul parts, to contact your guiding source myth, to connect with and heal the ancestors and to find a deeper vision.

Here on the land (dependent on the season) there are tumultuous waves of bluebells, mallow, blackthorn blossom, sea beet, sweet briar, samphire, heather and rock rose leading down to the sea where deer walk on the beach, and where dolphins and great shoals of silver bass and basking sharks swim near the shore.

I also work online to facilitate ways to connect with the earth’s dreaming, to move into leadership, to transform obstacles and problems into power, to go deeper into traditional earth based sorcerous practice and to help you move towards a more magical and abundant reality. This work is flexible and fluid and what happens depends on an individual’s needs.

We will explore numinous ways to connect with a deeper power of nature that is much larger than the individual and which moves through your body. It is this larger force of nature moving through you that can resolve seemingly impossible personal and social problems, allowing you to enter into ‘flow’ states, do things that you hadn’t previously dreamed of, find the power and medicine behind body symptoms and seemingly impossible life problems, show you how to care for your local bioregion, regenerate and reforest ecosystems and community, come up with new creative original ideas, ally your power with that of strong brown rivers, bears, Oak trees, hedgehogs and bluebells and live with an immense vital animistic aliveness. You may experience this vital aliveness in a real grounded, practically useful and visceral way.

If you are someone who is inspired to help create a more sustainable regenerative creative abundant human presence on earth in any way, I invite you to join me online or on the land to connect with your big intraconnected Self and your guiding source myth. I invite you to contact me if you are strongly called and wish to embark on this journey.

To book a session either in person or online,  contact me here.