Right now I am guiding individuals and groups in ritual in the wild, on the coasts, forests, moorland and mountains. Amongst the beauty and power of nature I can support your ceremonial skills, and your relationship with the mythbeings of the land. Enliven your supersenses to learn to relate to and support crow, salmon otter or oak or milk thistle, or wear the brutal or gentle ecstatic Godflesh of Dionysus, Artemis or Cernunnos

I bring 25 years experience in somatics and movement combined with 25 years of experience of ceremony including experience with traditional Devonshire faery witchcraft and Greek theurgy and sorcery

Here on the land there are tumultuous waves of bluebells, mallow, blackthorn blossom, sea beet, sweet briar, samphire, heather and rock rose leading down to the sea where deer walk on the beach, and where dolphins and great shoals of silver bass and basking sharks swim near the shore.

We will explore ways to connect with a deeper powers of nature that is much larger than the human but which can move through one’s body; the vast distributed intelligences of holobiontic mythbeings that give the gifts of entry into posthuman supersensory ‘flow’ states and the gifts of re-merging with local ecosystems.

The mythbeings of the land may need to be fed and honoured and in return they may give knowledge of how to care for one’s local bioregion, how to regenerate and reforest ecosystems and community, and repair broken culture by allying your power with that of strong brown rivers, bears, Oak trees, hedgehogs and bluebells.

A vital animistic aliveness driven through a real grounded, practically useful and visceral ceremony breaches our Cartesian split between mind and earthbody allows entry into the mythworld.

If you are a robust leader, or group of leaders, who is inspired to help create a more regenerative creative abundant human presence on earth, I invite you to join me on the land.